The CIO and Business Transformation

For this month’s blog, I decided to bring our readers some insights from a recent Harvard Business Review publication – “Business Transformation and the CIO Role”. The publication brings out the large number of areas where the CIO in a company can perform a very significant role in innovation and business transformation. Don’t get me wrong, it is not the CIO alone who can be an agent of innovation in the company – but this publication was about the role of the CIO – and this is what I aim to discuss.

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Adoption of New Technology – Why do Companies Hesitate and What do they Stand to Lose?

A few weeks ago, we published a link to an article that had discussed a report created by Harvard Business Review and which had researched how companies and businesses take to new technologies. We found many visitors to our social media pages had shown interest in the article and therefore felt a need to visit the original research published by Harvard Business Review. Many interesting new points of view emerged. Read more

Selling Technology to SMEs

A few weeks ago, we had shared a link with our readers. This article had brought out that unlike the quick and nimble image associated with SMEs, many such businesses were also very careful adopters of new technology. They did not jump onto new bandwagons with their eyes closed but rather they liked to wait to see how other businesses’ experiments fared before they took the plunge themselves.

We now have the complete report on which the article was based and it makes interesting reading. Businesses that plan to sell to SMEs must take cognizance of the points made in the report. In the next few paragraphs, we discuss some key points. Read more