Privacy Policy

CTO for Hire doesn’t collect any information about you, other than what you explicitly provide, and then only what we need.

Data Collection and Storage

CTO for Hire’s founder, Ben Dechrai, is a self confesses privacy nut and civil liberties advocate. As such, we will only ever collect what is absolutely necessary, and as far as is possible, always with your knowledge. Fill in a form, we’ll get that information. Visit our website, and we don’t know anything about you.

Our web servers are configured to not log any data about your visit. Some of our sites use cookies to remember you while you’re on our site, although these will generally not identify you personally, although if you log in to one of them, then obviously we’ll know who you are.


We audit our systems regularly to ensure best practices of data storage. Passwords are salted and hashed. We only collect the information required to provide the functionality of our products and services.

We outsource credit card storage to PCI certified professionals. This means they know you have a business relationship with us, and how much you have paid us, or received from us. They may also know the details of the product or service relating to the payment or refund.

URL Shortner

CTO for Hire operates a URL shortening service at Our use of this product is for three reasons:

  1. To shorten links in communications such as emails, tweets, and printed literature;
  2. To create easy to remember links;
  3. To determine the interest level in items we link to, so that we may refine our communications to that which is more relevant.

The URL shortening service is run in-house, and the above Data Collection and Storage and Security sections apply equally to this service.

Subject to Changes

This document is subject to change at any time.